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Dental License Renewal Requirements

Michigan Dentists are required to renew their dental license every three years with a minimum of 60 CE credits of Continuing Education Courses.


Up to 30 hours of CE may be done online and through recorded webinars. Be sure the courses are approved by the ADA, AGD, or Michigan Board of Dentistry.


Up to 10 hours may be obtained by reading articles, magazines, etc., that are related to dentistry. You should document what you read, keeping the article if possible, and how long it took you to read it.

  • Pain Management: 3 hours every renewal period.

  • Clinical / Classroom: 20 hours every renewal period.

  • Human Trafficking: A one-time, one-hour course in human trafficking recognition is required.

  • Opioid Training: The state of Michigan also requires a one-time training in opioid awareness in order to renew your state controlled substance license. 

  • Implicit Bias Training: NEW 3 hours (in-person or live webinar). Effective for all license renewals after June 1, 2022.

  • Infection Control: NEW 1 hour, must include sterilization of hand pieces, personal protective equipment, and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s infection control guidelines. NOTE: Credits for this requirement are not needed until after the start of your next renewal cycle. 

  • Dental Ethics and Jurisprudence: NEW  1hour in dental ethics and jurisprudence with inclusion of delegation of duties to allied dental personnel. NOTE: Credits for this requirement are not needed until after the start of your next renewal cycle.

  • CPR: In addition to the required 60 CE credits, dentists must also carry a current Basic Life Support CPR card at all times. The Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs requires a dentist possess current certification in basic or advanced cardiac life support obtained from an agency or organization that grants certification pursuant to standards substantially equivalent to the standards adopted in the Michigan Board of Dentistry Rule R 338.11705(03). How the training is conducted (in-person or online) can be determined by the certification-issuing organization. Because CPR is a general education requirement, no CE credit is not granted for CPR courses.

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